Airtel 3G Internet Data Plans and Recharge Assam

Here we are listing the 3G internet plans of Airtel prepaid connection belongs to the circle Assam. In this circle Airtel provides various recharge options. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable 3G plan in Assam circle.

Airtel Prepaid 3G Internet Plans on Mobile Assam

Rate / Price (Rs.)Data AvailableValidity
830MB 3G 1 Day
26100MB 3G 3 Days
2975 MB 2G/3G/4G . 30 Days
47190MB 3G5 Days
531GB 3G/4G (00:00 to 6 AM ) 1 Night
961 GB 3G5 Days
98400MB 2G/3G Data valid for 14days14 Days
101 250MB 3G/4G 28 Days
1241GB 3G Night Data(12AM - 6AM) for 28 Days 28 Days
1491GB 3G for 7 Days 7 Days
153400MB 3G/4G 28 Days
169512MB 3G7 Days
186400mb 3G/4G day & night + 400mb night ( 12AM - 6AM)28 Days
196512MB 3G/4G14 Days
2491 GB 3G/4G 26 Days
2591.5GB 3G/4G data valid for 28 Days 28 Days
2651GB 3G/4G and wynk plus subscription 28 Days
2951.2GB to 10GB 3G/4G 28 Days
3151.5 GB 3G 28 Days
3552.5GB 3G/4G data valid for 28 Days 28 Days
4152.5 GB 3G 28 Days
5153.5 GB 3G 28 Days
5554.5GB 3G/4G data valid for 28 Days 28 Days
655 5GB UL 3G 26 Days
659 5GB Unlimited 3G 28 Days
7596GB unlimited 3G 28 Days
99910GB 3G data 28 Days

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