Airtel 3G Internet Data Plans and Recharge Delhi NCR

Here we are listing the 3G internet plans of Airtel prepaid connection belongs to the circle Delhi NCR. In this circle Airtel provides various recharge options. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable 3G plan in Delhi NCR circle.

Airtel Prepaid 3G Internet Plans on Mobile Delhi NCR

Rate / Price (Rs.)Data AvailableValidity
17 50 MB Data1 Day
2435MB 2G/3G/4G Data Unrestricted
49 150 MB 3G/4G Data4 Days
51 75MB 2G/3G/4GUnrestricted
67 200MB 3G/4G10 Days
74110MB 2G/3G/4GUnrestricted
99300 MB 3G/4G Data10 Days
149450 MB 3G/4G Data 14 Days
155 250MB (2G) and 250MB (3G) Data14 Days
169500MB 3G/4G Data14 Days
198600 MB 3G/4G Data 21 Days
209 625MB 3G/4G Data21 Days
255 800MB 3G/4G Data 25 Days
259 1GB 3G/4G Data28 Days
298 750MB 3G/4G and 125 MB Facebook and 125 MB Whatsapp Data Free28 Days
299 1.25 GB 3G/4G data28 Days
3091.3GB 3G Data28 Days
355 1 GB 3G/4G and 125 MB Facebook and 125 MB Whatsapp Data28 Days
3591.5 GB 3G/4G Data28 Days
3981.75 GB 3G/4G Data28 Days
4551.75 GB 3G/4G Data28 Days
4592 GB 3G/4G Data28 Days
4972.25 GB 3G/4G Data28 Days
5752 GB 3G/4G Data60 Days
5992.10 GB 3G/4G Data 28 Days
6552.5 GB 3G/4G Data28 Days
6593 GB 3G/4G Data 28 Days
6993.25 GB 3G/4G Data28 Days
755 Upto 4GB at 3G/4G Speeds, 4GB to 6GB at 80kbps, post 6GB at 10kbps28 Days
799 BBM and Personal Mail90 Days
855 Upto 5GB@ 3G/4G Speeds, 5GB to 7GB@ 80kbps, post 7GB@ 10kbps28 Days
899 Upto 5.25GB@ 3G/4G Speeds, 5.25GB to 6.25GB@ 80kbps, post 6.25GB@ 10kbps28 Days
955 Upto 6GB@ 3G/4G Speeds, 6GB to 8GB @ 80kbps, post 8GB @ 10kbps28 Days
1098 3GB 3G/4G Data and Unlimited Airtel to Airtel Local calls and Unlimited Music and 5 EROS movies28 Days
1099 Upto 7.5GB @ 3G/4G Speeds, 7.5GB to 9.5GB @ 80kbps, post 9.5GB @ 10kbps28 Days
1255 Upto 9GB @ 3G/4G Speeds, 9GB to 11GB@ 80kbps, post 11GB@ 10kbps28 Days
1399 Upto 10GB@ 3G/4G Speeds, 10GB to 12GB@ 80kbps, post 12GB@ 10kbps28 Days
1555 Upto 12GB at 3G/4G Speeds, 12GB to 14GB at 80kbps, post 14GB at 10kbps28 Days
1749 5GB 3G/4G Data and Unlimited Local calls and Unlimited Music and Movies28 Days
1849 10GB 3G/4G Unlimited (80kbps) Data28 Days
1859 Upto 15GB@ 3G/4G Speeds, 15GB to 17GB@ 80kbps, post 15GB@ 10kbps28 Days
2149 Upto 20GB@ 3G/4G Speeds, 20GB to 22GB@ 80kbps, post 22GB@ 10kbps28 Days
2249 7GB 3G/4G and Unlimited Local, STD, Roam calls and Fixedline and Music and Movie28 Days
3249 15GB 3G/4G and Unlimited Local, STD, Roam calls and Fixedline and Music and Movie28 Days

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