Airtel 3G Internet Data Plans and Recharge Rajasthan

Here we are listing the 3G internet plans of Airtel prepaid connection belongs to the circle Rajasthan. In this circle Airtel provides various recharge options. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable 3G plan in Rajasthan circle.

Airtel Prepaid 3G Internet Plans on Mobile Rajasthan

Rate / Price (Rs.)Data AvailableValidity
2185MB 3G ** 2 Days
2975MB 3G * 30 Days
3885MB 3G full day + 85MB Night(12am to 6am) *28 Days
46180MB 3G ** 4 Days
491 GB 2G/3G/4G Data Recharge 1 Days
54220MB 3G/4G * 7 Days
62250MB 3G ** 6 Days
68150MB 3G full day+ 150MB Night (12am to 6am). *28 Days
91 1GB 3G/4G * 8 Days
96 240MB 3G/4G** 28 Days
103400 MB 3G** 10 Days
121 475MB 3G/4G, Now for 6 months get 1GB 3G(applicable only after recharge with Rs.498)* 13 Days
146580MB 3G *16 Days
1471 GB 2G/3G/4G Data Recharge7 Days
1751 GB28 Days
179700MB 3G** 18 Days
196780MB 3G 21 Days
2451.5 GB 28 Days
294Upto 10GB 3G. Minimum benefit- 1.25 GB 3G** 28 Days
2952GB 3G/4G ** 28 Days
3452GB 3G** 28 Days
348 Free Local+STD calls (Mobile+Landline) + 1GB on 4G handsets (50MB for other handsets). Claim Free data worth Rs.9000 for 12 months only on MyAirtel App. Offer valid for new 4G handsets only 28 Days
355 2.5GB 3G/4G ** 28 Days
445 3GB 3G** 28 Days
4553.5GB 3G/4G**28 Days
4954GB 3G/4G** 28 Days
4983GB 3G/4G, 28days. Now for 6 months get 1GB 3G/4G for 28days @ Rs121180 Days
6455GB 3G**28 Days
6956 GB28 Days
7485GB 3G/4G, 28days. Now for 6 months get 1GB for 28days @ Rs96 & 2.5GB for 28days @ Rs265180 Days
8958GB 3G/4G + Unlimited @40KBPS** 28 Days
99510GB 3G + Unlimited 2G** 28 Days
1095 11GB 3G + Unlimited 2G** 28 Days
149515GB for 3G handset for 90 days & extra 15GB ( total 30GB 3G/4G ) on 4G handsets 90 Days
1498 10GB 3G/4G, 28days. Now for 1 year get 1GB for 28days @ Rs54, 2GB for 28days @ Rs96, 5GB for 28days @ Rs265365 days
199520GB 3G** 28 Days

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