Airtel Voucher Recharge Plans and Rate Himachal Pradesh

There are number of top up recharge plans are available in Himachal Pradesh region. Such Airtel Vocher Recharge Plans are listed below (Himachal Pradesh circle).

Airtel Recharge Plans Himachal Pradesh (Voucher Recharge Rate)

Plan Rate (Rs)Calling Value (Rs)Validity (days)    
1040LclA2Amin/250LclA2ANit min*/25 STDA2Amin/Rs9TT1day/ * 2days (Zabardus)
1527 local and std mins free2 days
2545 local and std mins free4 days
5644 (local @1p/s+ STD @Rs1/3min)1 year
7746 @ 1p/s (local A2A @30p/min for 2 months)1 year
119Local A2A @ 15p/min28 days
398Unlimited A2A calls28 days

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