Idea 2G Internet Data Plans and Recharge Rajasthan

Here we have added the list of Idea 2G Data internet plans belongs to the circle Rajasthan. In this circle Idea provides various recharge options. After usage charges is 4p/10kb and this is not applicable for unlimited plans. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable 2G plan in Idea’s Rajasthan circle.

CirclePackPriceDataValidityRemarksHow to recharge
RajasthanLong Term Plan - Recharge Packs751GB 2G data for 28 Days. Available only after Long Term Plan Recharge of MRP 247. Applicable for next 12 months28 Days-E-Recharge
RajasthanSachet Pack740 MB1-USSD *800*7#,SIVR
RajasthanSachet Pack1375 MB2-E-Recharge, USSD *800*13#, SIVR ##13
RajasthanSachet Pack1445MB+45MB Night2-USSD *800*014#
RajasthanSachet Pack1560 MB2-USSD *800*15#, Paper
RajasthanSachet Pack17Unlimited 2G High Speed Data1-E-Recharge, USSD *800*017#
RajasthanSachet Pack1790 MB2-USSD *800*17#,SIVR
RajasthanSachet Pack19110 MB3-Paper
RajasthanSachet Pack24140 MB3-E-Recharge, USSD *800*24#, SIVR ##24
RajasthanSachet Pack2890MB+90MB Night4-USSD *800*28#
RajasthanSachet Pack33190 MB5-E-Recharge, USSD *800*33#
RajasthanSachet Pack41175MB(24 Hrs) + 175MB(Night 12am-6am)14-E-Recharge,
RajasthanSachet Pack47Magic Recharge - Upto 1GB 2G, Minimum 270 MB6-E-Recharge, USSD *800*47#, SIVR ##47
RajasthanSachet Pack512906-E-Recharge
RajasthanSachet Pack52300 MB7-E-Recharge, USSD *800*52#
RajasthanSachet Pack75400 MB28-E-Recharge, USSD *800*75#
RajasthanSachet Pack77440 MB11-E-Recharge, USSD *800*75#
RajasthanSachet Pack84Unlimited Data7Speed Upto 10kbps post 1GB usageE-Recharge, USSD *800*084#
RajasthanRegular Packs94540 MB14-E-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs95550 MB14-E-Recharge, USSD *800*95#
RajasthanRegular Packs98410 MB14-E-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs101575 MB14-E-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs106425 MB15-E-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs125700 MB18-E-Recharge, USSD *800*125#
RajasthanRegular Packs135540 MB19-E-Recharge, USSD *800*135#
RajasthanRegular Packs146300 MB +10 Idea to Idea SMS21-E-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs147840 MB 21-E-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs153850 MB 20-E-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs155850 MB & Overage 4p/10Kb+ 100 MB free data(offer only through Idea App recharge)21 Days-E-Recharge, USSD *800*155#, SIVR ##155
RajasthanRegular Packs1731 GB27-E-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs1771026 MB28-E-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs199Unlimited Data28Speed Upto 10kbps post 2GB usageE-Recharge, USSD *800*199#
RajasthanRegular Packs225Magic Recharge - Upto 10GB 2G, Minimum 1.5GB28-E-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs248Unlimited Data28Speed Upto 10kbps post 3GB usageE-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs2511GB + 50 Local SMS24Speed Upto 10kbps post 3GB usageE-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs2531GB + 50 Local SMS25Speed Upto 40kbps post 3GB usageE-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs255Unlimited Data28Speed Upto 40kbps post 3GB usageE-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs259Unlimited Data28Speed Upto 10kbps post 3.1GB usageE-Recharge
RajasthanRegular Packs498Unlimited Data + Rs.300 Talk Time28 DaysSpeed Upto 40kbps post 3GB usageE-Recharge
RajasthanSpecial Packs and Freedom pack725 MB Data Loan (Recovery of Rs 7 from next recharge.Criteria-Main Balance less than Rs7 and no other pending Loan)1-USSD *666#, SIVR ##666
RajasthanSpecial Packs and Freedom pack25100 MB (First Time Trial Pack taker will get 200 MB for 3 Days)3-USSD *800*25#
RajasthanSpecial Packs and Freedom pack35400 MB Night Data (Applicable 12 Midnight to 6 am)5-USSD *800*35#
RajasthanSpecial Packs and Freedom pack127BBM , E-Mail & Internet browsing up to 1GBMB for 3 Days)30-E-Recharge
RajasthanSpecial Packs and Freedom pack247Instant benefit 2GB 2G +500 Loc Idea to Idea Min Val 28 Day, post that get 1GB 2G 28d@Rs75 for 6 months 28-E-Recharge
RajasthanSpecial Packs and Freedom pack2532GB+Unlimited & 2GB+Unlimited (Only for One Plus 3 H/S)” 28-E-Recharge
RajasthanSpecial Packs and Freedom pack4534GB+Unlimited & 4GB+Unlimited (Only for One Plus 3 H/S)”28 -E-Recharge
RajasthanSpecial Packs and Freedom pack6566GB+Unlimited & 6GB+Unlimited (Only for One Plus 3 H/S)”28 -E-Recharge
RajasthanCombo Packs158110 Local and National Mins, 250MB Data, 110 Local and National SMS15-E-Recharge
RajasthanCombo Packs258250 Local and National Mins, 500MB Data, 250 Local and National SMS30-E-Recharge
RajasthanCombo Packs297Unlimited Data+400 Local/National Mob Min28-E-Recharge
RajasthanCombo Packs458450 Local and National Mins, 1GB Data, 500 Local and National SMS30-E-Recharge
RajasthanCombo Packs658700 Local and National Mins, 1.5GB Data, 750 Local and National SMS30-E-Recharge
RajasthanCombo Packs9581000 Local and National Mins, 3GB Data, 1000 Local and National SMS30-E-Recharge

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  1. alidajuna kumar
    July 2, 2015 at 10:14 am

    Thanks for listing the idea 2g prepaid plans in rajasthan. I am from rajasthan central

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