Idea 2G Internet Data Plans and Recharge Tamil Nadu

Here we have added the list of Idea 2G Data internet plans belongs to the circle Tamil Nadu. In this circle Idea provides various recharge options. After usage charges is 4p/10kb and this is not applicable for unlimited plans. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable 2G plan in Idea’s Tamil Nadu circle.

CirclePackPriceDataValidityRemarksHow to recharge
Tamil NaduSachet Pack740 MB1 Day-USSD *800*15#
Tamil NaduSachet Pack1585 MB2 Days-USSD *800*16#
Tamil NaduSachet Pack29165 MB4 Days-USSD *800*29#
Tamil NaduLimited Volume Packs33165 MB28 Days-E-Recharge ,USSD*800*33#
Tamil NaduLimited Volume Packs44250 MB6 days--
Tamil NaduLimited Volume Packs62350 MB7 days-E-Recharge ,USSD*800*62#
Tamil NaduLimited Volume Packs72410 MB10 days-E-Recharge ,USSD*800*72#
Tamil NaduLimited Volume Packs74250 MB28 Days-E-Recharge
Tamil NaduLimited Volume Packs83350 MB Day + 350 MB Night28 Days-E-Recharge
Tamil NaduLimited Volume Packs98550 MB14 Days-E-Recharge ,USSD*800*98#
Tamil NaduLimited Volume Packs106350 MB28 days--
Tamil NaduLimited Volume Packs125710 MB14 days-E-Recharge ,USSD*800*125#
Tamil NaduLimited Volume Packs1991.5 GB28 DaysBuy now
Tamil NaduLimited Volume Packs2432.5 GB28 DaysE-Recharge
Tamil NaduUnlimited Data Packs245Unlimited. Post 2.5 GB speed reduce to 40 KBPS28 DaysV Top up
Tamil NaduRate cutter141p/40KB28 Days-USSD *800*14#
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs92380 MB 4G/2G10-E-Recharge , USSD *800*92#
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs121500 MB 4G/2G12-E-Recharge , USSD *800*121#
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs143600 MB14-
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs146600 MB 14 -
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs1471 GB 4G Trial Pack^15-E-Recharge , USSD *800*147#
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs157650 MB 4G/2G17 Days-
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs161650 MB 4G/2G17-E-Recharge , USSD *800*161#
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs191775 MB 4G/2G21 days--
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs193775 MB 4G/2G21 days--
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs2462 GB 4G/2G28 Days--
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs293250 L/N mins + 500 MB 4G/2G28 Days--
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs344UL All Calls + 50 MB 4G/2G28 Days-
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs3451.5 4G/2G28 days-E-Recharge , USSD *800*345#
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs4492 GB 4G/2G28 days-E-Recharge , USSD *800*449#
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs493500 L/N mins + 1024 MB28 Days-
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs648Unlimited 4G/2G. Speed from 3.25 GB to 4.25 GB upto 40kbps & After 4.25 GB speed @20 Kbps + 3.25 GB 4G additional data28 days40KBPS post 3.25 GB, 20KBPS post 4.25 GBE-Recharge , USSD *800*648#
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs849Unlimited 4G/2G. Speed from 5 GB to 6 GB upto 40kbps & After 6 GB speed @20 Kbps + 5 GB 4G additional d ata28 days40KBPS post 5 GB, 20KBPS post 6 GBE-Recharge , USSD *800*849#
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs1249Unlimited 4G/2G. Speed from 10 GB to 11 GB upto 40kbps & After 11 GB speed @20 Kbps + 10 GB 4G additional data28 days40KBPS post 10 GB, 20KBPS post 11 GBE-Recharge , USSD *800*1249#
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Packs1497Unlimited 4G/2G. Speed from 12 GB to 13 GB upto 40kbps & After 13 GB speed @20 Kbps + 12 GB 4G additional data28 days40KBPS post 12 GB, 20KBPS post 13 GB E-Recharge , USSD *800*1497#
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Special packs171 Hour Unlimited1 Hour-USSD *800*17#
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Special packs461 GB1 night^^^
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Special packs1281 GB28 nights^^^
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Special packs2551 GB28 days
Tamil Nadu4G/2G Special packs2981.25 GB. Upto 10 GB subject to time of recharge by customer28 days-

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