Idea 2G Internet Data Plans and Recharge Uttar Pradesh East

Here we have added the list of Idea 2G Data internet plans belongs to the circle Uttar Pradesh East. In this circle Idea provides various recharge options. After usage charges is 4p/10kb and this is not applicable for unlimited plans. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable 2G plan in Idea’s Uttar Pradesh East circle.

CirclePackPriceDataValidityRemarksHow to recharge
Uttar Pradesh EastSachet Pack530 MB1-E-Recharge, VTop, or Dial:- *150*05#
Uttar Pradesh EastSachet Pack7Unlimited 2G1 Hour (at 2G high speed)-Dial:*150*707#
Uttar Pradesh EastSachet Pack1480 MB2-E-Recharge, VTop, or Dial:- *150*14#
Uttar Pradesh EastSachet Pack1585 MB2-E-Recharge, VTop, or Dial:-*150*15#
Uttar Pradesh EastSachet Pack19110 MB3-E-Recharge, Vtop or Dial:- *150*19#
Uttar Pradesh EastSachet Pack31175 MB4-E-Recharge, VTop,
Uttar Pradesh EastSachet Pack54290 MB6-E-Recharge, Vtop
Uttar Pradesh EastSachet Pack65370 MB10-E-Recharge, Vtop,or Dial: *150*65#
Uttar Pradesh EastSachet Pack75430 MB11-E-Recharge, Vtop
Uttar Pradesh EastSachet Pack95540 MB15-E-Recharge, Vtop
Uttar Pradesh EastSachet Pack136540MB18-E-Recharge, VTop, or Dial:- *150*136#
Uttar Pradesh EastSachet Pack25(Paper)145 MB3-Paper
Uttar Pradesh EastSachet Pack25 (Trail Pack - Only Once)250 MB5-E-Recharge, VTop, or Dial:- *150*222#
Uttar Pradesh EastLIMITED VOLUME PACK93530 MB15-E-Recharge, Vtop
Uttar Pradesh EastLIMITED VOLUME PACK98560 MB12-E-Recharge, USSD <*150*98#>, SIVR <121241>
Uttar Pradesh EastLIMITED VOLUME PACK115660MB10-E-Recharge, VTop, or Dial:- *150*115#
Uttar Pradesh EastLIMITED VOLUME PACK134765 MB21-E-Recharge, VTop, or Dial:-*150*134#
Uttar Pradesh EastLIMITED VOLUME PACK135770 MB21-E-Recharge,Vtop
Uttar Pradesh EastLIMITED VOLUME PACK151860 MB15-E-Recharge, VTop, or Dial:-*150*151#
Uttar Pradesh EastLIMITED VOLUME PACK1711GB30-E-Recharge, USSD <*150*171#>, SIVR <121241>
Uttar Pradesh EastLIMITED VOLUME PACK1751GB28-E-Recharge,Vtop or dial<*150*175#>
Uttar Pradesh EastLIMITED VOLUME PACK2091GB day+1GB Night28-E-Recharge, Vtop
Uttar Pradesh EastUnlimited Volume Pack7Unlimited 2G data Speed post 1GB 10kbps1 Night(12:00am- 6:00 am)10kbps post 1GBDial *150*807# (USSD ONLY)
Uttar Pradesh EastUnlimited Volume Pack199Unlimited 2G data, Speed from 1.25 GB 40kbps2840kbps post 1.25 GBE-Recharge, USSD <*150*199#>, SIVR <121241>
Uttar Pradesh EastUnlimited Volume Pack249Unlimited 2G data,40kbps post 3GB2840kbps post 3GBBE-Recharge, USSD <*150*249#>, SIVR <121241>
Uttar Pradesh EastRate Cutter7730paisa/MB30-E-Recharge, USSD <*150*77#>
Uttar Pradesh EastFreedom pack39140MB 2G28-E-Recharge, Vtop

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