Idea 3G Plans and Recharge details Karnataka

Please check the list of Idea 3G Data plans belongs to the state/circle named Karnataka. Number of 3G recharge options are available in this circle. After usage charges is 4p/10kb and this is not applicable for 3G unlimited plans. Please check the below shown table for selecting the suitable 3G internet data plan in Idea’s Karnataka circle.

CirclePackPriceDataValidityRemarksHow to recharge
KarnatakaLong Term Plans495Instant 4 GB 4G/3G data benefit valid for 28 Days. For next 6 months get 1GB 4G/3G data with 28 days validity @ just Rs 12928-E-Recharge,
KarnatakaLong Term Plans745Instant 6GB 4G/3G data benefit valid for 28 Days. For 6 months customer gets 1GB 4G/3G data with 28 Days Validity @ Rs.103 or 2.5GB 4G/3G data with 28 days validity @ Rs.25128-E-Recharge,
KarnatakaLong Term Plans1495Instant 15GB 4G/3G data benefit valid for 28 Days.For next 12 Months get 1GB 4G/3G data benefit valid for 28 days @ Just Rs 48, 2 GB 4G/3G data valid for 28 Days@ just Rs103, 5 GB 4G/3G data benefit valid for 28 Days@ just Rs 25128-E-Recharge,
Karnatakasachet packs825 MB1 Days-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*08#
Karnatakasachet packs935 MB 2G/3G/4G- Choice Recharge1 Days-Paper Recharge
Karnatakasachet packs19Unlimited 4 G/2G for 60 minutes- Choice Recharge1 Hour-Paper Recharge
Karnatakasachet packs1975 MB 2G/3G/4G- Choice Recharge2 Days-Paper Recharge
Karnatakasachet packs2160 MB 3G/4G2 Days-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*21#
Karnatakasachet packs48130 MB 3G/4G5 Days-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*48#
Karnatakasachet packs76190 MB 3G/4G8 DaysHandheldE-Recharge, *369*76#
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs 65Magic Data Recharge. Customer gets surprise 4G3G Data between 250MB to 1GB based on their time of recharge15 Days
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs103300 MB 3G/4G28 Days-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*103#
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs 115325MB Day (24hrs) + 325MB Night (12am-6am)28 Days-E-Recharge
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs 155450 MB 3G/4G15 Days-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*155#
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs 175700 MB 3G/4G28 Days-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*175#
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs 201600 MB 3G/4G28 Days-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*201#
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs 225650 MB 3G/4G28 Days-E-Recharge
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs 2511.5 GB 3G/4G 28 Days-E-Recharge, SIVR*369*251#
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs2991.2GB (Magic Recharge. Customer gets surprise 3G data benefit between 1.2GB to 10GB)30 Days--
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs3522 .5 GB 4G/3G 28 Days
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs4523.5 GB 4G/3G 28 Days
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs6525.5 GB 4G/3G 28 Days
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs7486.5 GB 4G/3G28 Days
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs8527.5 GB 4G/3G 28 Days
KarnatakaLimited Volume packs99210 GB 4G/3G28 Days-
KarnatakaUnlimited Volume Packs649Unlimited upto 3GB 3G/4G 28 DaysSpeed post 3GB @ 20KbpsE-Recharge
KarnatakaUnlimited Volume Packs749Unlimited upto 4GB 3G/4G 28 DaysSpeed post 4GB @ 20KbpsE-Recharge
KarnatakaUnlimited Volume Packs849Unlimited upto 5GB 3G/4G 28 DaysSpeed post 5GB @ 20KbpsE-Recharge
KarnatakaUnlimited Volume Packs949Unlimited upto 6GB 3G/4G 28 DaysSpeed post 6GB @ 20KbpsE-Recharge
KarnatakaUnlimited Volume Packs1149Unlimited upto 8GB 3G/4G 28 DaysSpeed post 8GB @ 128KbpsE-Recharge
KarnatakaUnlimited Volume Packs1349Unlimited upto 10GB 3G/4G 28 DaysSpeed post 10GB @ 128KbpsE-Recharge

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