Vodafone 3G Internet Data Plans and Recharge Himachal Pradesh

Hereby we have listed the 3G internet plans of Vodafone prepaid connection belongs to the circle Himachal Pradesh. In this circle Vodafone provides different recharge options. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable 3G plan in Himachal Pradesh circle.

Vodafone Prepaid 3G Internet Plans on Mobile Himachal Pradesh

Rate / Price (Rs.)Data AvailableValidity
125510GB UL 30 Days
10978GB UL 30 Days
8555GB UL 30 Days
6973.5GB UL 30 Days
6553GB UL 30 Days
4972.25GB 30 Days
4492 GB 30 Days
3971.75 GB 30 Days
3471.5GB 30 Days
2971.25 GB 30 Days
2511 GB 30 Days
97250 MB 30 Days

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