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Aircel Full Talktime and Extra TalkTime Topups Recharges in UP EAST


A large number of top up recharge plans are offered by Aircel to its  UP EAST customers. The offer includes full talk time plans and special benefit plans too. The following table listing all the Aircel Full Talktime and extra Talktime Topups recharge plans available in UP EAST, it is easy to select the best plan for your choice

UP EAST70Rs. 70 Full Talktime PackLifetime
UP EAST80Rs. 80 Full Talktime PackLifetime
UP EAST108Rs. 108 Full Talktime Combo Pack NA
UP EAST110Extra talktime 110 - Rs. 113 Talktime Lifetime
UP EAST117Extra talktime Combo 117 - Rs. 123 Talktime NA
UP EAST133Extra talktime Combo 133 - Rs. 150 Talktime NA
UP EAST145Combo Topup - Rs. 50.0 TalktimeNA
UP EAST150Extra talktime 150 - Rs. 155 Talktime Lifetime
UP EAST200Rs. 200 Full Talktime PackLifetime
UP EAST204Combo Topup - Rs. 100.0 Talktime
UP EAST220Rs. 220 Full Talktime PackLifetime
UP EAST258Extra talktime Combo 258 - Rs. 290 Talktime NA
UP EAST279Extra talktime Combo 279 - Rs. 500 Talktime NA
UP EAST300Extra talktime 300 - Rs. 330 Talktime Lifetime
UP EAST358Extra talktime Combo 358 - Rs. 400 Talktime NA
UP EAST458Extra talktime Combo 458 - Rs. 510 Talktime NA
UP EAST500Extra talktime 500 - Rs. 575 TalktimeLifetime
UP EAST508Extra talktime Combo 508 - Rs. 570 Talktime NA
UP EAST1000Extra talktime 1000 - Rs. 1100 Talktime Lifetime


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