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Airtel Voucher Recharge Plans and Rate Assam


There are number of top up recharge plans are available in Assam region. Such Airtel Vocher Recharge Plans are listed below (Assam circle).

Airtel Recharge Plans Assam (Voucher Recharge Rate)

Plan Rate (Rs)Calling Value (Rs)Validity (days)
360 Local A2A SMS1 Day
57 local airtel mins1 day
512 min offpeak local Airtel calls.1 Day. Except 5 pm to 10 pm
525 MB 2G Internet1 day
735 MB 2G Internet1 day
930 minutes local Airtel to Airtel calls1 day
960 MB data in 2G. Thereafter 10p/10 Kb1 Day
945 MB 2G Internet1 day
1280 MB 2G data2 Days
1220 minutes All Local & STD Callsmins valid for 1 day
1231 minutes - Local airtel to airtelmins valid for 1 day till midnight
1260 MB 2G Internet2 days
1328 minutes Local Airtel to Airtel2 days
15100 MB 2G data3 Days
1524 mins All Local & STD Calls2 Days
1540 mins Local Airtel to Airtel2 Days
1575 MB 2G Internet3 days
15Talktime Rs.15, 1 local A2A SMS for 1 day2
1520 videos7 days
1538 mins Local Airtel to Airtel2 Days
16Local mobile @1.2p/sec and STD mobile @1.4p/sec28 days
21Local mbl calls @1.4p/s,STD mbl @1.5p/s,LL 2.5p/s56
25165 Mb 2G or 80 Mb 3G2G 6 days, 3G 3 days
25125 MB 2G Internet5 days
25165 MB GPRS6 days
25Talktime Rs.25, 1 local A2A SMS 1 day3
2540 minutes All Local & STD Calls3 Days
2775 local airtel mins6 days
2850 minutes all local calls4
47150 Mb 3G5
55Talktime Rs.55, 1 local A2A SMS 1 day7
60Rs. 52.400
79All calls 1.5p/sec30
209530 local mins for 30 days28 days


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