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Airtel Voucher Recharge Plans and Rate Mumbai


There are number of top up recharge plans are available in Mumbai region. In this region Airtel provides various recharge options. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable Voucher Recharge Plans and Rate Packs in Mumbai circle.

Airtel Recharge Plans Mumbai (Voucher Recharge Rate)

Plan Rate (Rs)Calling Value (Rs)Validity (days)
525 MB 2G Data1 Day
970 local and National SMS,Balance check on *123*4#7 days
1325MB 3G1 Day
14140 local + National SMS, Balance check on *123*4#10 Days
2575 MB 3G for 2 days or 125 MB 2G for 4 daysAs per product selected
37370 Local and STD SMS28 Days
49160 MB 3G for 4 days or 250 MB 2G for 7 daysAs per product selected
55600 Local and National SMS28 Days
951050 Local and STD SMS28 Days
98300 MB 3G for 14 days or 500 MB 2G for 14 daysAs per product selected
175750 MB 3G for 25 days or 1 GB 2G for 28 daysAs per product selected
295iPhone pln:200MB 3G,500 loc mins & 300SMS(Loc+STD)30 Days
4552 GB 3G Data28 Days
795iPhone pln:1200MB 3G,1400loc mins& 500SMS(Loc+STD)30 Days
995iPhone pln:3072MB 3G,1500loc mins& 600SMS(Loc+STD)30 Days


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