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BSNL Offers 3G Mobile Internet – How to activate BSNL 3G or 2G data plan in mobile phone ?


BSNL offers the following internet 3G data plans for their customers. Here the detailed table for India BSNL 2G/3G mobile data users

BSNL Data Plans for all India region ( 2G/3G)


Bsnl recently introduced new 3G/2G data plans for the customers in different states, India. We hereby added the list of latest BSNL Prepaid mobile data usage plans. This list will help you to choose the right data plan for activating internet facility into your BSNL mobile. Please note that to send sms to 123 number is completely free. For understanding the plans through SMS reply, then you want to send the following sms to 123 from your phone.

Please type:    STV DATA{amount here}     and send it to:    123

Eg:   STV DATA139     and send to 123

BSNL Prepaid Data Plans and SMS format - 2G or 3G or GPRS

BSNL Data Pack NamePrice (Deducted from your mobile balance)DurationAvailable usage (MB/GB)SMS Format & Number
Eg: "STV DATA14" sent to 123
Quotation not required.
DATA44(+Rs. 3)(The price may vary in the range of Rs. 4 to Rs. 7 from circle to circle based on market conditions)1
20 MB
Type- STV DATA4 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA17Rs. 171 Days110 MBType- STV DATA17 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA29 Rs. 29 (Denomination may vary between Rs. 26 to Rs. 33 from circle to circle based on technical feasibility.)3 Days 150 MBType- STV DATA29 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA39Rs. 39
5 Days200 MBType- STV DATA39 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA56Rs. 5621 Days 250 MBType- STV DATA56 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA68Rs. 681 Days1 GBType- STV DATA68 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA78Rs. 785 Days1 GBType- STV DATA78 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA98Rs. 9814 Days650 MBType- STV DATA98 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA109Rs. 109 (Data STV is available for East zone circle only.MRP may vary from +/- Rs 3 basis on market feasibility)28 Days300 MBType- STV DATA109 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA155Rs. 15515 Days1 GB (1000 MB)Type- STV DATA155 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA156Rs. 15610 Days2 GB Type- STV DATA156 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA198Rs. 19828 Days1GB Type- STV DATA198 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA239Rs. 23914 Days1 GB+ Rs. 80 Talk time
Type- STV DATA239 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA291Rs. 29128 Days2.2 GB Type- STV DATA251 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA444Rs. 44460 Days3 GB Type- STV DATA444 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA451Rs. 45160 Days2 GB+Rs 80 talk time
Type- STV DATA451 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA451Rs. 54930 Days10 GB
Type- STV DATA451 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA561Rs. 56130 Days5 GBType- STV DATA561 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA821Rs. 82160 Days6 GBType- STV DATA821 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA1099Rs.109960 Days9 GBType- STV DATA1099 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA1498Rs.1498365 Days18 GBType- STV DATA1496 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA1949Rs. 194990 Days21 GBType- STV DATA1949 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA2798Rs. 2798365 Days36 GBType- STV DATA1949 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA3099Rs. 309930 Days15 GB 3G+Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming
on-net OG Voice calls + 500 minutes free
Local/STD/Roaming off-net OG Voice call
Type- STV DATA3099 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA3998Rs. 3998365 Days60 GBType- STV DATA3998 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile
DATA4498Rs. 4498365 Days80 GBType- STV DATA4498 and send to 123 from your BSNL mobile

Last updated on: 07-06-2017.


  1. i am a bsnl customer you services and network is waste because i am staying palakkad town i am daily facing network problem in bsnl… so many time i am complaint in your customer care but they are don’t take any action against that so i am going to port my number to other company my number 8289980019

  2. bsnl 3g and 2g net is slow. But they have good and cheap rate internet plans with comparing other companies like airtel, vodafone and idea. I like bsnl.

  3. sir, mne mre bsnl no. 8764221827 cicle rajasthan ko airtel money s recharge krwaya tha 155 k net recharge k lie pr wo balance s recharge ho gya…
    then mne STV DATA155 type krke 123 pr b send kiya tb b wo failed hi bta rha h to plz muje dusra code btaiye isss net recharge ko krne k lie.

  4. STV DATA155 And send it to 123 Or anything else instead of 155 is not working i read every comment above and they have same problem and you have no solution by just saying the service is unavailable

  5. I recharged my BSNL SIM with STV 198 Data Plan, now I have purchased a mobile handset .i.e Lenovo A6000 Plus but the internet is not working in the new mobile set though it connected. The internet was properly working in my old hand set. Please advise me properly that what should I have to do.

    • There is no annual bsnl data plans are available right now. For confirm, pls contact BSNL customer care from your BSNL mobile phone.

  6. I am from Chennai, to activate my mobile internet 3G, I sent SMS to 123 STV DATA 3,4 times it shows
    “Operation failed, contact customer care” Please explain.

  7. I am trying to recharge my mobile with 3g plan 561 INR using main balance. I have tried both STV DATA561 to 123 and DATA561 to 53733, nothing is working. Please note that I am from Agartala, North-East circle.

    Can you please help me!

    • correct format is STV DATA561 to 123. But this offer is a promotional offer and there is a chance of withdrawn the offer from BSNL after Festival section. Please confirm the same with customer care.

  8. Dear Customer, the SMS Text is incorrect. Send vstv for Voice STV, smsstv for SMS STV,dstv for Data STV, ACT PV for validity extension in same plan, autoren to activate autorenewal & deact to deactivate autorenewal. To know ur plan & base tariff details SMS .

    • Please call to bsnl karnataka customercare number- 9448024362 from your mobile and tell the customer care person to activate 3G data plan at your bsnl postpaid mobile.


  9. I tried STV DATA68 to 123 and received a message denoting Operation failed. Please contact customer care. I did call them but they insisted on restarting my mobile but nothing changed. I’m pretty sure that I have done the sequence in the correct order. I also checked the availability of STV DATA68 on *124# but it never came out. This situation also occurred for a friend of mine. We both have “seconds” plan. I have been trying this for for a couple of months. Please help me on the issue as fast as possible. Thanks in advance.

  10. Worst BSNL. In other networks are providing Fresh Sim card to activate free 3G data /Month but the BSNL New Sim did not have a offers..

  11. Bsnl network is very busy it’s singnal very weak all area’s …so why its net plans is very high….and 14 rs net plan validity reduce 3 day to only 1 day….it is very bad

    • Mobile name does not have any relation with 3G or bsnl. Assume that you are using Lava’s android phone and if your phone have the 3G facility, then just recharge any 3G data plan. You will get BSNL 3G at your phone.

          • Sir, I have my data services active, but for some reason i am unable to connect internet. When i contacted customer service on 1503, the response was poor. I then searched and found this page and i send STV DATA98 to 123 and received confirmation messages. But i still cannot access internet. I am using iPhone 6, but i was not using the sim for nearly 8 months as i was out of country.

            Please can you guide me?

          • You need to do recharge first for validity. But 8 months is a big period. To directly to BSNL center or any mobile shop to check your sim currently active or not

        • For Bihar or UP –

          STVHLP DATA or STVHLP DATA1 send to 123 for bundle enquiry.
          STVSUB(Bundle Id) to 123 for subscribe.

          Example:- STVSUB BRGPRS198

          for more: http:// upe.bsnl.co.in /download/ Selfcare_Document.xls ( please avoid space for working link)

  12. Good morning sir
    Sir yesterday and today i type sms STV DATA155 to 123 , DATA155 To 123 and STV DATA155 to 53733 send. But data pack not recharge in my account.
    I received a massage for please contact costumer care.
    Then i m call in costumer care but not solve my problem.
    Please help me sir.

    • Good morning Umesh,
      Please check your account balance before sending request to 123. STV DATA155 to 123 is the correct format. You must more than Rs.155 in your account before sending sms request.

    • before sending data activation request sms to 123, you need to keep enough balance in your account. please send STV DATA68 to 123 for activating the 2G/3G internet pack. you will get only 5 days internet validity as per the present data 68 plan.

  13. i purchased a new sim… I can call any person but unable to call customer care…. please help me … i am from Karnataka

    • If you follow correct format, it will work without any issue. If you are facing any problem, pl specify here. we will help you to resolve it.

  14. Sir,

    How to deactivate “STV DATA39”.

    Once i subscribed for above plan, after expiry of validity, BSNL without my consent have renewed the above plan.

    • no need to deactivate it from your side. It will be automatically deactivated after the expiry period. It will not auto renew unless you again send request through sms to 123.

      • I am trying to activate internet data plan with 2g plan 198 using main balance. I have tried both STV DATA198 to 123 and DATA198 to 53733, nothing is working. I received a message access code is wrong.

        Please help me.

  15. Im using bsnl postpaid card with plan rs525.In which I got 500MB free data pack.
    But I dont know how to activate that free data pack.
    I haven’t used data pack from same number.
    Please suggest.

  16. After sending 39 data rechage , I have received a msg that my3200 mb data expired on 16/1/16 and adviced to contact customer care..what is the cc contact no…plzask them to contact me..my no. is 9474701049


  17. Sir my sim is of Rajasthan region but now I’m staying in banglore and everytime I’m attempting to recharge for 3g by sending STV DATA155 or STV DATA39 to 123 it’s showing “Dialed access code is wrong”
    Please suggest me some other way.

  18. I was recharging 251 data plan from last 3 months and internet speed was very bad with note 3 mobile in my office.there was 6+ gb data remained as i was carry forwarding by recharging within time.before expiry.13 feb 2016 i recharged 251 data and after few hours of time it failed in paytm site.so on 14th feb i recharged with 198 data since 251 data is not available. Till 14th i can see 6+ 1=7+ gb data as balance.but on 15th feb i can see only 1gb. What abt my 6 gb data for which i paid 750+ money where in there is no proper connectivity for data. This is cheating. It has to be clearly mentioned that before expiry if u recharge your data will be carry forwarded and we will close the respective plan to eat out your carry forwarded data. It is really good way to loot poor people money.waiting for ur comments to have the evidence which shows your carry forwarded data will be valid until that plan continues

  19. Any of plan doesn’t work… Ever time same comes dialed access code is wrong.. Kindly dial the correct access code.. . Even I cnt transfer my balance from bsnl to any other Sim… What facility…. Hats off

  20. I am trying to recharge my mobile with 3g plan 198 INR using main balance. I have tried both STV DATA198 to 123 and DATA198 to 53733, nothing is working.
    Please help me.

  21. I wanted to get data services of 1 day and for that I sms STV DATA17 to 123 but it is saying that dialed assess code is wrong what should be done in such case?

  22. I have recharged STV78 using freecharge and the recharge was succesfull even though i cant get the data services.Why i cant access the data????

    • Check the phone, insert that sim card into another phone and check… Or your validity may be expired.

  23. I’m facing the problem with NET PACK recharge.

    I have been gotten the balance all time while recharging with 2G/3G NET pack. This happened from last 6months, even when I recharged online by myself.

    I have called the customer care also but they said that I could get wrong recharge. So I tried again and again, but the problem has been same.

    Please tell me what should I do???

    • We cannot understand your actual problem. Pl tell us which code you used.. IE: STV DATA57. OR something like that

    • Type STV DATA57 from your mobile and send it to 123. You can change the data pack by changing the amount instead of 57.

  24. How can I buy a net pack of Rs. 239 from my balance in bsnl? I had earlier sent the msg “STV DATA239” to 123 but it did’nt help. there came no reply but only a message that said – You have dialled a wrong access code. Please dial a correct access code.

    • The said plan available only for some locations in india. Your format is correct. Double quotation not required. Send it to 123.

  25. I ve ported to bsnl(andhra pradesh) recently and activated 20mb data plan(rs 4). But i m unable to access data. Called customer care, followed instructions( configuration settings, sms sevice centre number update). But still unable to send d sms START to 1925. Till now called customer care for 6-8 times. All say the same instuctions. Please help.

  26. Hello ,i activated STV398 for unlimited data and the speed after 2gb dropped to 8kbps as mentioned in plan , so i activated STV1099 unlimited data and unlimited speed few days later, but i am still getting 8kbps speed of STV398 8kbps, i would like to just unsubscribe STV398 and keep just STV1099 as both will expire on same date .
    From kerala

  27. first i used STV DATA156 and sent it to get the 2 gb 3g plan, but it did not worked. it was showing wrong access code.
    then i used the tips given by one of the users in this comment section and typed STVSUB PTPUW156 and sent it to 123. It worked this time and i successfully received a recharge.

    I later on contacted the bsnl support and confirmed this message from them. They also told me to use the same no. STVSUB PTPUW(pack price) and then send it to 123.

    this is for up west (UW).

    i hope it helps.

    • i tried to recharge 1099 3g data pack by sending the message STV DATA1099 to 123 but it didn’t work.. how will i recharge this pack by using my main balance??

  28. Sir,
    I have recently acquired a BSNL sim from kerala circle (Palakkad). I want to activate 3G service in this sim. For this i have sent SMS – START to 1925.
    I also received confirmation message, telling me the services are active.
    I have also topped up an STV for Rs. 14. But i m unable to access internet.
    Kindly look into this.

  29. i am using samsung 3g mobile i type STV DATA29AND SEND TO 123 IT REPLY THIS IS WRONG
    PLZZZZZZZ tell me how to do this
    reply send karna k bad

    jatt likh dana

  30. Thank you for the good information provided here. By the way I was using a double SIM mobile and was having this problem of very slow internet. My internet SIM was put on the second slot of the phone. I tried all of the information provided on the internet n found no solution. The real issue was out of two SIM slots the first slot performs many more times faster than the second SIM slot. So before doing anything try changing the data SIM to the first slot of the phone. Most probably that can solve the issue.
    Thank you.

  31. How to change document of BSNL postpaid connection.
    I have both document
    1) older one A card on whose name
    2) New Document on which i want to transfer that card


  33. Sir I am subscriber of post paid plan of 525 . as per recent advertisement am eligible for 3 GB net data per month for free. How to active it.

  34. I have recharged Rs.333/- in my mobile as per BSNL Orissa plan to activate internet data. But I am unable to connect to the internet. please help me to solve the problem via my email address given below.

  35. I have 2G SIM but now it is inserted in 3G s3 phone. How can I get the 3 g speed .is it possible with the same SIM. Do I need to change the SIM?
    If online activation is possible Pls confirm.
    My phone got recharged but it’s getting reduced by 100 saying ” gprs ” is used. I don’t when and where it’s used.


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