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BSNL Broadband Plans, Rate, Activation and other details


BSNL is an abbreviation of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, which is an Indian state-owned telecommunications had a customer base of 93.29 million as of June 2015 . BSNL is India’s oldest communication service provider, it is founded on 1 October 2000  headquartered New Delhi. BSNL Mobile is a major provider of GSM cellular mobile service, formerly known as Cell One. If you want further details about BSNL, can visit this website; BSNL mobile.


When we compared BSNL with other telecom operators, it is always an affordable option for it’s subscribers. One of the important characteristic is which is available in any place in India, because BSNL Broadband is India’s largest broadband ISP provider. It provide High-speed unlimited internet and wide range of services(Wi-Max broadband, Landline broadband, Fiber Broadband (FTTH), Dial Up internet, CDMA Broadband and Wifi Hotspot,) on its broadband plans.

Following are some of the benefits of BSNL (For some plans only) such as;

  • Get unlimited free calling from 9PM to 7AM everyday at any other telecom provider.
  • Cheapest rates with High Usage
  • Wide range of Internet Services
  • Flexible for Home and Commercial

These benefits makes Landline as its’s most popular brand. Here the list of Broadband services provided by BSNL to its customers. List includes Plan rate, usage quota, speed etc. Select the suitable plan from below and walk in to the nearest BSNL office for activation and further proceedings.

Plan Type

Monthly Charges

High Speed Quota

Unlimited Data Speed

BBG  ombo ULD 1199 Rs.1199 upto 2 mbps Flat 2MBPS
BBG ULD 499 Rs.499 2Mbps upto 2GB 1Mbps
BBG ULD 545* Rs.545 2Mbps upto 3GB 1Mbps
BBG ULD 675** Rs.675 2Mbps upto 3GB 1Mbps
BBG ULD 795# Rs.795 2Mbps upto 10GB 1Mbps
BBG ULD 845** Rs.845 2Mbps upto 10GB 1Mbps
BBG ULD 945** Rs.945 2Mbps upto 10GB 1Mbps
BBG ULD 990** Rs.990 2Mbps upto 10GB 1Mbps
BBG ULD 1445** Rs.1445 4Mbps upto 30GB 1Mbps
BBG ULD 1491 Rs.1491 2Mbps upto 40GB 1Mbps
BBO ULD 799 Rs.799 2Mbps upto 10GB 1Mbps
BBO ULD 949 Rs.949 2Mbps upto 20GB 1Mbps
BBO ULD 1199 Rs.1199 4Mbps  up to 30 GB 1 Mbps
BBO ULD 1499 Rs.1499 8Mbps upto 40GB 1Mbps

Latest Plan introduced

Broadband Plan Name BBG Combo ULD 1199
Bandwidth (Download Speed) Up to 2 Mbps Flat Internet Speed
Telephone fixed monthly charges Nil
Additional facility 24 hours Unlimited free calling (Local +STD) on any network landline and mobile within India
BBG COMBO ULD 1199 Rs.1199 2 Mbps unlimited 2 Mbps



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