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Transfer talktime balance from one bsnl prepaid mobile to another bsnl mobile


BSNL recently introduced talk time balance transfer from one bsnl mobile to another bsnl mobile easily. Here we have added the step by step details for your better understanding. This transfer is applicable from one GSM BSNL mobile to another GSM prepaid mobile only. It is not possible and not applicable for postpaid users.Another noted point is source mobile owner and destination mobile owner must be in the same circle.Transfer code given below:

bsnl-talk-time-balance-transferSend this code as sms from the source user mobile

Gift 94xxxx 200 pwd”

Eg: My number is 9447123456 and i want to send talk time balance Rs.100 to my friend, his number is 9497 654321.Then i want to type the below code as sms from my number

Gift 9497654321 100 pwd

and send the above code to 54456.

The transferrer can transfer the amount between 10 to 200 and the amount should be multiply of 10. Ie: 10,20,30,40,50………..170,180,190,200. Maximum transfer amount is 200/-

Service charge of this transfer is 10% of talk value to be transferred. BSNL allows only 5 transfers per month from the same mobile.

Same circle transfer only possible and for example, you cannot transfer from bsnl Kerala GSM mobile to BSNL Karnataka region GSM BSNL mobile.


  1. this did not help me and i lost 3 rupee for sending sms and the other person did not receive money and transaction was failed as i got the failed msg

  2. yes it works perfectly. You should just password in place of ‘pwd’. that password can be known by registering this way
    ”REGISTER PTOP” send to 54455
    After that you will receive a password something like this
    then use it
    “Gift 9497654321 100 123456” send to 54456 (example only)

  3. Its not working for me , wasted 6rs
    Been a loyal customer for about 20+ years n finally am going to switch my network ( no network in my area )
    Fed up of filing a complaint


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