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Idea 2G Internet Data Plans and Recharge assam


Here we have added the list of Idea 2G Data internet plans belongs to the circle assam. In this circle Idea provides various recharge options. After usage charges is 4p/10kb and this is not applicable for unlimited plans. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable 2G plan in Idea’s assam circle.

CirclePackPriceDataValidityRemarksHow to recharge
assamLong Term Plans245Instant 2 GB 2G valid for 28 Days and 500 I2I. For 6 Months enjoy 1 GB 2G data for 28 Days at Rs.72.6 months-E Recharge
assamLong Term Plan - Recharge Packs721GB 2G data for 28 Days. Available only after Long Term Plan Recharge of MRP 245. Applicable for next 12 months28 -E Recharge
assamSachet Pack520MB1-USSD *800*5#
assamSachet Pack935 MB1-Paper Choice Recharge
assamSachet Pack1375 MB3-E-Recharge; USSD *800*13#
assamSachet Pack19110 MB3-E-Recharge, Paper Choice Recharge
assamSachet Pack2675 MB 4G/2G5-E-Recharge
assamSachet Pack29120 MB6-Paper Choice Recharge
assamLimited Volume Packs47500 MB 2G4G Data9-E-Recharge, USSD *800*47#
assamLimited Volume Packs58330 MB14-E-Recharge, USSD *800*58#
assamLimited Volume Packs64From 250MB upto 1GB 4G/2G Data15-E-Recharge
assamLimited Volume Packs91400 MB 4G/2G Data28-E-Recharge
assamLimited Volume Packs981 GB 2G4G Data20-E-Recharge, USSD *800*98#
assamLimited Volume Packs125700 MB30-E-Recharge
assamLimited Volume Packs147840 MB30-E-Recharge
assamLimited Volume Packs1481GB 4G/2G28-E-Recharge
assamLimited Volume Packs1551 GB30-E-Recharge
assamLimited Volume Packs1971.5GB30-E-Recharge
assamLimited Volume Packs2444GB 4G/2G [Only for 4G Handsets]28-E-Recharge
assamLimited Volume Packs2521.4GB28-E-Recharge
assamLimited Volume Packs299From 1.25GB upto 10GB 4G/2G Data28-E-Recharge
assamLimited Volume Packs3471.44 GB Data for 28 Days28-E-Recharge
assamLimited Volume Packs49410GB 4G/2G [Only for 4G Handsets]28-E-Recharge
assamLimited Volume Packs4971.9GB Data for 28 Days28-E-Recharge
assamUnlimited Data Packs5Unlimited 2G Internet for 1 Hour1 Hour-E-Recharge
assamUnlimited Data Packs15Unlimited 4G internet for 1 Hour at 4G High Speed1 Hour-E-Recharge, USSD *800*15#
assamUnlimited Data Packs22Unlimited 2G Internet for 1 Day1 Day-E-Recharge
assamUnlimited Data Packs2393GB3040 kbps from 3GB to 4GB and 10kbps thereafterE-Recharge
assamFreedom Pack26250 MB 2G4G Data28E-Recharge
AssamFreedom Pack38190 MB 2G Data30-E-Recharge
AssamDay Night Pack78250 MB Full Day and 250 MB Night (12pm to 6 am)10 -E-Recharge
AssamBullet Recharge731GB 2G Data2 -E-Recharge


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