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Idea 2G Internet Data Plans and Recharge delhi ncr


Here we have added the list of Idea 2G Data internet plans belongs to the circle delhi ncr. In this circle Idea provides various recharge options. After usage charges is 4p/10kb and this is not applicable for unlimited plans. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable 2G plan in Idea’s delhi ncr circle.

CirclePackPriceDataValidityRemarksHow to recharge
delhi-ncrSachet Pack5Unlimited 2G1 hour (at 2G high speed)-*150*05# (Only USSD)
delhi-ncrSachet Pack740 MB1-*150*444# (Only USSD)
delhi-ncrSachet Pack1375 MB2-E-Recharge or Dial *150*13#
delhi-ncrSachet Pack181 day unlimited 2G1-*150*1802# (Only USSD)
delhi-ncrSachet Pack15 (Paper)60 MB2-Paper Voucher
delhi-ncrSachet Pack19 (Paper)110 MB 2G2-Paper Voucher / E-Recharge or Dial *130*code*1#
delhi-ncrSachet Pack29 (Paper)170 MB 2G3-Paper Voucher / E-Recharge or Dial *130*code*1#
delhi-ncrLimited Volume Packs72400 MB10-E-Recharge or Dial *150*72#
delhi-ncrLimited Volume Packs75425 MB11-E-Recharge or Dial *150*75#
delhi-ncrLimited Volume Packs107600 MB12 -E-Recharge or Dial *150*107#
delhi-ncrLimited Volume Packs125700 MB18-E-Recharge or Dial *150*125#
delhi-ncrLimited Volume Packs135750 MB15-E-Recharge or Dial *150*135#
delhi-ncrLimited Volume Packs154850 MB18-E-Recharge or Dial *150*154#
delhi-ncrLimited Volume Packs167900 MB20-E-Recharge or Dial *150*167#
delhi-ncrLimited Volume Packs1751 GB 2G/3G28-E-Recharge or Dial *150*175#
delhi-ncrUnlimited Data Packs195Unlimited 2G: 1.25 GB FUP28Speed post 1.25GB @ 40Kbps & post 2.25GB @ 20KbpsE-Recharge or Dial *150*195#
delhi-ncrUnlimited Data Packs205Unlimited 2G: 1.30 GB FUP28Speed post 1.30GB @ 40Kbps & post 2.30GB @ 20Kbps
E-Recharge or Dial *150*205#
delhi-ncrUnlimited Data Packs255Unlimited 2G: 3 GB FUP28Speed post 3GB @ 40Kbps & post 4GB @ 20KbpsE-Recharge or Dial *150*255#
delhi-ncrUnlimited Data Packs294Unlimited 2G: 3.25 GB FUP28Speed post 3.25GB @ 40Kbps & post 4.25GB @ 20KbpsE-Recharge or Dial *150*294#
delhi-ncrUnlimited Data Packs399Unlimited 2G : 4GB FUP28Speed post 4GB @ 40Kbps & post 5GB @ 20KbpsE-Recharge
delhi-ncrAdd on Packs7400 MB 2G1 night -*121*9#
delhi-ncrAdd on Packs25500 MB5-*150*222#
delhi-ncrAdd on Packs37125MB28-E-Recharge or Dial *150*37#
delhi-ncrAdd on Packs98325 MB 28-E-Recharge or Dial *150*98#
delhi-ncrAdd on Packs106525 MB 28-E-Recharge
delhi-ncrAdd on Packs2081 GB day +1 GB night28-*150*208#
delhi-ncrAdd on Packs6 (Emergency Data Services)30 MB1-Dial *150*06# (Toll Free) ; Minimum Balance <= Rs 5 ; Recovery amount Rs.6 from next talktime recharge
delhi-ncrAdd on Packs8 (Emergency Data Services)40 MB1-Dial *150*801# (Toll Free) ; Minimum Balance <=Rs5 ; Recovery amount Rs.8 from next talktime recharge


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