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Idea 3G Plans and Recharge details Rajasthan


Please check the list of Idea 3G Data plans belongs to the state/circle named Rajasthan. Number of 3G recharge options are available in this circle. After usage charges is 4p/10kb and this is not applicable for 3G unlimited plans. Please check the below shown table for selecting the suitable 3G internet data plan in Idea’s Rajasthan circle.

CirclePackPriceDataValidityRemarksHow to recharge
RajasthanLong Term Plan - Recharge Packs751GB 2G data for 28 days. Available only after Long Term Plan Recharge of MRP 498. Applicable for next 6 months28 days-E-recharge
RajasthanSachet packs820 MB 3G/4G1-USSD *800*8#
RajasthanSachet packs1450 MB 3G/4G2-E-Recharge, SIVR,USSD *800*013#
RajasthanSachet packs1550 MB 3G/4G2-USSD *800*15#
RajasthanSachet packs2185 MB 3G/4G2-USSD *800*21#
RajasthanSachet packs24250 MB 4G3G in idea 4G town, 2G in Other Town28-E-Recharge, USSD *800*24#, SIVR ##24
RajasthanSachet packs26105 MB 3G/4G3-USSD *800*26##
RajasthanSachet packs46185MB 3G/4G5-E-Recharge, USSD *800*46#
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs62250 MB 3G/4G7-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs72300 MB 3G/4G8E-Recharge, USSD *800*72#
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs92380 MB 3G/4G10-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs105400 MB 3G/4G12-E-Recharge, USSD *800*105#
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs141560 MB 3G/4G14-E-Recharge, USSD *800*141#
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs54160 MB + 160 MB Night 3G/4G28-E-Recharge, USSD *800*54#
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs113325 MB + 325 MB Night 3G/4G28-E-Recharge, USSD *800*113#
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs145580 MB 3G/4G16-E-Recharge, USSD *800*142#
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs151850 MB 3G/4G19-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs1751GB 3G/4G28-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs1791GB 3G/4G+ 5 Idea to Idea night SMS (SMS Validity 1 Day)28-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs2491.5 GB 3G/4G28-E-Recharge, USSD *800*249#
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs294Magic Recharge - Upto 10GB 3G, Minimum 1.25GB 3G/4G 28-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs2992 GB 3G/4G28-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs3492.5 GB 3G/4G28-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs3993GB 3G/4G28-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs4493.5 GB 3G/4G 28-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs4994 GB 3G/4G28-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs5452GB+2GB Night 3G/4G28-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs5652 GB 3G/4G56-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs7973GB+3GB Night 3G/4G28-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs99910 GB 3G/4G28-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs12496GB+6GB Night 3G/4G28-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs185210GB+10GB Night 3G/4G28-E-Recharge
RajasthanLimited Volume Packs334520GB+20GB Night 3G/4G28-E-Recharge
RajasthanUnlimited Volume Packs649Unlimited 3G/4G Data28Speed Upto 40kbps post 5 GB usageE-Recharge
RajasthanUnlimited Volume Packs695Unlimited 3G/4G Data28Speed Upto 40kbps post 6 GB usageE-Recharge
RajasthanUnlimited Volume Packs795Unlimited 3G/4G Data28Speed Upto 40kbps post 7 GB usageE-Recharge
RajasthanUnlimited Volume Packs895Unlimited 3G/4G Data28Speed Upto 40kbps post 8 GB usageE-Recharge


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