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IDEA DND (Do-Not-Disturb) Activation Code for IDEA Cellular


Activate DND(Do not Disturb) on Idea Cellular DND.
IDEA mobile
TRAI(Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) give us an option to block unwanted SMS advertisements, Stop push messages, stop other advertisements like: (Eg:AD-iPaytm, AD-AIRMTS,AD-ICICIB,AD-INDUSB) etc., by activating free DND(Do not Disturb) feature in your mobile phone. This will be applicable to all the mobile services currently running in India. They will block only the advertisement related SMS and Calls. So dont worry about this. You can block it any time.

Here the step-by-step details for Activate DND(Do not Disturb) on Idea Cellular

  1. How to Activate DND (Do Not Disturb) on Idea Mobile?

    DND activate is completely free of charge. Idea customer have the right to choose any option from below to activate DND on your Idea mobile:

    • SMS: START 0 to 1909   (Free service)
    • Or Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance hearing through mobile.  (Free Service)
  2. Following DND Options are available in Idea Cellular

    Fully Blocked
    All commercial communications will be blocked.

    Partially Blocked
    Partial blocked option will block all commercial voice calls. However, you can choose to receive messages from your interested categories (called Preferences).
    Below are the seven preferences you can choose to receive commercial SMS:

    1. Banking/Insurance/Financial products/credit cards,
    2. Real Estate,
    3. Education,
    4. Health,
    5. Consumer goods and automobiles,
    6. Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT,
    7. Tourism and Leisure.

    To subscribe for partial block, you should follow the below details correctly:

    Single category blocking details:

    • SMS: START X to 1909. Replace X with preference number.
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance

    Multiple category blocking details:

    • SMS: START X, X to 1909. Replace X with preference number.
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance
  3. How to Deactivate DND from Idea Mobile

    Deactivation of DND / unsubscribing to NCPR will allow Telemarketers / Organizations sending commercial calls again to your mobile. Here the steps to do deactivate DND.

    • SMS: STOP to 1909.
    • Call: 1909 and follow the IVR guidance
  4. Time for activating this DND Service on mobile

    • It will take atleast 7 days to activate this dnd service to your mobile.
  5. Check DND Status


  1. thanks for helping to activate idea dnd option on my mobile. Idea company sending several unwanted messages to my mobile and now i have stop it. Thanks a lot.

  2. thanks a lot for giving the information for doing dnd on idea. i have activated dnd service on my idea sim card.

  3. last 3 years i am using idea sim card and receiving so many advertisement calls daily. Now i have blocked all of such unwanted and ads disturbance by activating dnd on idea phone. thanks a lot

  4. I have blocked advertisements from idea company in my phone by using the above format code. thanks a lot for that. idea sending advertisements for the last some years to my phone.

  5. hello idea team kindly pls idea do not disturb me. I am a farmer. I dont want advertisement and songs. help me pls.

  6. Dear Sir,

    My Idea no is 9998545545 with full DND activated, but getting below mentioned SMS by different different number. I complained 12 times on 1909 but not find permanent solution’. Can u help in this metter.

    LLC. (OMAN)

  7. Hi, please suggest me how to stop the msgs from idea (IA-IDEA) call cost sms., even at mid night I’m getting continue sms even I called or not. After call the pop up msgs is enough.
    Please suggest..!


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