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Idea Local Special Tariff Vouchers Rajasthan


Here we have added the list of Idea’s Local Special Tariff Vouchers offers and details. The list shows all India circles details. By referring this list, users can easily do the online recharges easily. Please check the below shown table for selecting the suitable Special Tariff Vouchers Rajasthan circle.

CirclePriceTariffValidityHow To Recharge
Rajasthan5All local mobile calls @ 30p/Min3E-Recharge
Rajasthan12All Local Mobile @ 25p/Min5E-Recharge
Rajasthan15All Local Mobile @ 35p/Min28E-Recharge
Rajasthan22All Local Mobile @ 30p/Min28E-Recharge
Rajasthan32All Local Mobile @ 35p/Min84E-Recharge
Rajasthan43All Local Mobile @ 25p/Min28E-Recharge
Rajasthan44All Local Mobile @ 1p/2Sec28E-Recharge
Rajasthan48All Local Mobile @ 30p/Min84E-Recharge
Rajasthan86All Local Mobile @ 25p/Min84E-Recharge
Rajasthan196Unlimited Local calls*****15E-Recharge
Rajasthan244Unlimited Local calls***** 50 MB 2G data (4G handset users will get additional 974 2G data^)28E-Recharge



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