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Idea Topup Vouchers Bihar & Jharkhand


Here we are listing the Idea Topup Vouchers belongs to the circle Bihar & Jharkhand. In this circle Idea provides various recharge options. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable Topup Vouchers plans in Bihar & Jharkhand circle.

CirclePrice TalktimeValidityHow To Recharge
Bihar & Jharkhand107.70NAE-recharge & Paper
Bihar & Jharkhand2015.39NAE-recharge & Paper
Bihar & Jharkhand3023.09NAE-recharge & Paper
Bihar & Jharkhand4031.78NAE-recharge & Paper
Bihar & Jharkhand5040.48NAE-recharge & Paper
Bihar & Jharkhand60Rs55 Upto Rs100 subject to time of recharge by customer. *Magic Recharge of Rs 60 provides talktime from Rs 55 to Rs 100NAE-Recharge
Bihar & Jharkhand7057.87NAE-recharge
Bihar & Jharkhand9075.26NAE-recharge
Bihar & Jharkhand100Rs97 Upto Rs120 subject to time of recharge by customer. ^Magic Recharge of Rs 100 provides talktime from Rs 97 to Rs 120NAE-recharge
Bihar & Jharkhand110108.00NAE-recharge
Bihar & Jharkhand120118.00NAE-recharge
Bihar & Jharkhand150148.00NAE-recharge
Bihar & Jharkhand160136.13NAE-recharge


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