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Idea Topup Vouchers Uttar Pradesh West


Here we are listing the Idea Topup Vouchers belongs to the circle Uttar Pradesh West. In this circle Idea provides various recharge options. Kindly check the below shown data table for selecting the suitable Topup Vouchers plans in Uttar Pradesh West circle.

CirclePriceTalktimeValidityHow To Recharge
Uttar Pradesh West107.70NAE-recharge & Paper
Uttar Pradesh West2015.39NAE-recharge & Paper
Uttar Pradesh West3023.09NAE-recharge & Paper
Uttar Pradesh West4031.78NAE-recharge & Paper
Uttar Pradesh West5040.48NAE-recharge & Paper
Uttar Pradesh West7057.87UnrestrictedE-recharge
Uttar Pradesh West8066.57UnrestrictedE-recharge
Uttar Pradesh West90Rs.76 to Rs.120,BIG Magic Recharge. Customer gets surprise talktime between Rs.76 to Rs.120UnrestrictedE-recharge & Paper
Uttar Pradesh West10083.96UnrestrictedE-recharge
Uttar Pradesh West150144.00UnrestrictedE-recharge
Uttar Pradesh West200196.00UnrestrictedE-recharge


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