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Best 4G Internet Plans Comparison Between Jio, Airtel, Idea and BSNL


The Internet is one of the most important services in the world. Here we have compared 4G internet data packs offered by Reliance Jio, Airtel, Idea cellular, Vodafone and BSNL. Telecom firms start operating 4G-LTE services in India in the last year. Airtel is one of the first telecome operator introduced 4G network. Reliance Jio was the second telecome operator launched the 4G cellular in India.

Airtel 4G Data Plans 

Airtel is the biggest telecome operator in India. It claims to give the fastest 4G speed in every state. The operator give download speeds within 5 to 30 Mbps. Airtel is the largest operator with 100 MN customer.

4G Data Plans from Airtel

Price In Rs Data usage in GB Validity in days
93 1 5
94 2 1
95 0.375 11
126 0.5 14
145 0.375 28
146 2 7
154 0.4 28
157 0.425 28
174 1 AA
186 0.475 4 Weeks
199 0.5 4 Weeks
245 0.625 As above
265 1.5 AA
655 5.5 28
994 20 28

Reliance Jio Data Plans

Jio Prime members can enjoy unlimited data now. Reliance group include its telecom wing JIO aka RJIL last year. Reliance JIO offers a welcome offer to get a lot of subscribers in a short time, customers will get high – speed 4G internet free for three months. Reliance Jio has 70 millions paid subscribers now. The telecom firm is adding 1000s of new customers every day.

Jio Plans for Prepaid

Tarrif Plan Price 4G Data
4G Data
Unlimited Calls
Free Apps
Validity Free SMS
JIO RC Rs.19 200MB 100MB Yes 1 Day Unlimited
JIO RC Rs.49 600MB 300MB Yes 3 Days Unlimited
JIO RC Rs.96 7GB (1GB/Day)
FUP @128Kbps
600MB Yes 7 days Unlimited
JIO RC Rs.149 2GB 1GB Yes 28 Days 300
JIO RC Rs.303 28GB (1GB/Day)
FUP @128Kbps
2.5GB Yes 28 Days Unlimited
JIO RC Rs.499 56GB (2GB/Day)
FUP @128Kbps
5GB Yes 28 Days Unlimited
JIO RC Rs.999 60GB
FUP @128Kbps
12.5GB Yes 60 Days Prime
30 Days Non-prime
JIO RC Rs.1999 125GB
FUP @128Kbps
30GB Yes 90 Days Prime
30 Days Non-prime
JIO RC Rs.4999 350GB
FUP @128Kbps
100GB Yes 180 Days Prime
30 Days Non-prime
JIO RC Rs.9999 750GB
FUP @128Kbps
200GB Yes 1 Year Prime
30 Days Non-prime

Jio 4G Internet Booster Plan

Plan MRP Price 4G Internet
(Prime User)
4G Internet
(Non-prime User)
JIO RC Rs.11 100MB 100MB
JIO RC Rs.51 1GB 1GB
JIO RC Rs.91 2GB 2GB
JIO RC Rs.201 5GB 5GB
JIO RC Rs.301 10GB 10GB

Jio Basic Plans

Plan Type Base Price Tariff Details
Calling Rate 2 P per pulse
Text SMS Rs.1 per SMS ( local & national )
International SMS Rs.5 per SMS ( international )
Data / Internet 0.5 P per 10KB of usage
Video Calling 5 P per pulse
Roaming Incoming Calls 45 P per second on national roaming
Roaming Outgoing Calls 1.15 P per second on national roaming
Roaming Local SMS 25 P / SMS per SMS on national roaming
Roaming National SMS 38 P / SMS per SMS on national roaming

Jio Postpaid Plans

Plan Type 4G Data Usage Free Voice/SMS
JIORC149 300MB + ULN Yes/100SMS
JIORC499 4GB + ULN Yes
JIORC999 10GB + ULN Yes
JIORC1499 20GB + ULN Yes
JIORC2499 35GB + ULN Yes
JIORC3999 60GB + ULN Yes
JIORC4999 75GB + ULN Yes

Reliance Jio Broadband Plans

Tariff Price Bundle Data/Speed App Usage Validity
Rs.400 Unlimited @N/A NIL 1 Day
Rs.500 600GB @15 Mbps NIL 30 Days
Rs.500 3.5GB/ Day @N/A NIL 30 Days
Rs.500 N/A @60 Mbps NIL 30 Days
Rs.800 Unlimited @10 Mbps NIL 30 Days
Rs.1000 500 GB @25 Mbps NIL 30 Days
NIL 300 GB @600 Mbps Rs. 5500 30 Days
NIL 500 GB @400 Mbps Rs. 4000 30 Days
NIL 750 GB @200 Mbps Rs. 3500 30 Days
NIL 1000 GB @100 Mbps Rs. 2000 30 Days
NIL 2000 GB @50 Mbps Rs. 1500 30 Days
NIL 5 GB Rs. 1000 30 Days
NIL 10 GB Rs. 2000 30 Days
NIL 20 GB Rs. 3000 30 Days
NIL 40 GB Rs. 4000 30 Days
NIL 60 GB Rs. 5000 30 Days

Idea 4G Data Plans

Idea Cellular has launched some special existing offers for new customers. Besides, they also offering 100% extra data with this new offer.

Idea latest 4G Plans

Price Usage (GB) Validity
249 1 4 weeks
449 2 AA
598 3 28
651 3.5 As above
851 5 28D
1251 9 AA
1849 15 28
749 7 180 days i.e. 6 months

BSNL 4G Data Plans

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) recently introduced 4G plans. These offers will provide unlimited internet data for its customers. They introduced an exclusive tariff plan called BSNL Rs 339 Plan, mainly for 3G users. The customers can also enjoy 2G of 3G data per day for 28 days at the cost of Rs 339 only. The first 25 minutes per day, other net work calls will be free.  It has also introduced a 10 GB/day data pack in Rs 249 for unlimited wireline broadband users, which includes free calls on Sundays and in the night between 9 pm to 7 am.

BSNL 3G/4G Plans 

Pack Name Tariff MRP 3G/4G/ Validity
BSNLRC4 Rs.4-7 20MB/ 1 Day
BSNLRC17 Rs.17 100MB/ 1 Day
BSNLRC29 Rs.26-33 150MB/ 3 Day
BSNLRC39 Rs.39 200MB/ 5 Day
BSNLRC56 Rs.56 250MB/ 21 Day
BSNLRC68 Rs.68 1GB/ 1 Day
BSNLRC78 Rs.78 1GB/ 5 Day
BSNLRC98 Rs.98 650MB/ 14 Day
BSNLRC109 Rs.109 300MB/ 28 Day
BSNLRC155 Rs.155 1GB/ 15 Day
BSNLRC156 Rs.156 2GB/ 10 Day
BSNLRC198* Rs.198 1GB/ 28 Day
BSNLRC239* Rs.239 1GB + Rs.80TT/ 14 Day
BSNLRC291* Rs.291 2.2GB/ 28 Day
BSNLRC444 Rs.444 3GB/ 60 Day
BSNLRC451 Rs.451 2GB + Rs.80TT/ 60 Day
BSNLRC549 Rs.549 10GB/ 30 Day
BSNLRC561 Rs.561 5GB/ 60 Day
BSNLRC821 Rs.821 6GB/ 60 Day
BSNLRC1949 Rs.1949 21GB/ 90 Day

BSNL Unlimited Plans

Plan Name MRP / FUP Limit Fup Speed/Validity
BSNLRC351# Rs.351/1.5GB 80Kbps/28 Days
BSNLRC399* Rs.399/2GB 80Kbps/30 Days
BSNLRC451# Rs.451/2.5GB 80Kbps/28 Days
BSNLRC629* Rs.629/3GB 80Kbps/30 Days
BSNLRC651# Rs.651/5.5GB 80Kbps/28 Days
BSNLRC751# Rs.751/7GB 80Kbps/28 Days
BSNLRC851# Rs.851/8GB 80Kbps/28 Days
BSNLRC951# Rs.951/9GB 80Kbps/28 Days
BSNLRC1099 Rs.1099/Unlimited 21Mbps/30 Days
BSNLRC2399* Rs.2399/16GB 80Kbps/60 Days


  1. i am a bsnl user and not using 4g in bsnl, now i am at kerala and there is no 4g available for bsnl at kerala region. But i am happy to know bsnl will introduce its 4g services soon in pan india. Now i am using jio 4g services for taking internet on mobile also using the voice call of jio.


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