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Vodafone Top up Recharge Coupons Punjab


Number of Vodafone recharge plans are available in Punjab. Vodafone offers some special benefit plans too and all the below shown plans are applicable to its prepaid customers. Select the suitable plan. Any doubts and required assistance, kindly comment the below comment section.

Vodafone Top up Recharge Coupons Punjab

Coupon RateTalktime
Rs. 4999exter Talktime Rs. 5250
Rs. 2999ExterTalktime Rs. 3150
Rs.1999ExtraTalktime Rs. 2100
Rs.1599ExtraTalktime Rs. 1680
Rs.1001Full Talktime Rs. 1001
Rs.1000ExtraTalktime Rs. 1100
Rs.737Talktime Rs. 640.87
Rs.999Extra Talktime Rs. 1050
Rs.799Exter Talktime Rs. 815
Rs.737Talktime Rs. 640.87
Rs.715Talktime Rs. 621
Rs. 637Talktime Rs. 553.91
Rs. 599Extra Talktime Rs. 600
Rs. 501Full Talktime Rs. 501
Rs. 500Extra Talktime Rs. 550
Rs. 437Talktime Rs. 380
Rs. 410Extra Talktime Rs. 450
Rs. 365Extra Talktime Rs. 380
Rs. 360Full Talktime of Rs. 360
Rs. 357Talktime Rs. 310.47
Rs.351Full Talktime Rs. 351
Rs.310Exter Talktime Rs. 330
Rs. 293Combo Topup - Rs. 50 Promo Talktime
Rs. 289Talktime Rs. 251.3
Rs. 270Talktime of Rs. 234.78
Rs. 239 Talktime of Rs. 207.83
Rs. 210Extra Talktime of Rs. 220
Rs. 189Combo Topup - Rs. 161.35 Talktime
Rs. 179Combo Topup - Rs. 30 Promo Talktime
Rs. 175 Talktime of Rs. 149.17
Rs. 166Full Talktime of Rs. 166
Rs. 157Talktime of Rs. 133.52
Rs. 135Talktime of Rs. 114.39
Rs. 115Talktime of Rs.97
Rs. 110Full Talktime of Rs. 110
Rs. 106Combo Topup - Rs. 25 Promo Talktime
Rs. 105Talk time 0f Rs 88.3
Rs. 100 Talktime of Rs.83.96
Rs. 85Talktime of Rs.70.91
Rs. 70 Talktime of Rs 57.87
Rs. 65 Rs 65 Full Talktime
Rs. 60 Full Talktime Rs.60
Rs. 55Talktime of Rs. 44.83
Rs. 54Talktime of Rs.43.96
Rs. 50 Talktime of Rs.40.48
Rs. 44Talktime of Rs.35.26
Rs. 34Talktime of Rs.26.57
Rs. 34Talktime of Rs.26.54
Rs. 30 Talktime of Rs.23.09
Rs. 20 Talktime of Rs.15.39
Rs. 10 Talktime of Rs.7.7


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